Best Buy Award

Emphasis on the Best Price-Quality Ratio

The Best Buy Award is the oldest certification label in the ICERTIAS portfolio. It is presented as a certificate and medal, and is an established research method intended to guarantee that customers purchase the highest quality product at the best price.


The Best Buy Award status for any given company, product or service is granted based on Best Buy Award quantitative market research. The Best Buy Award survey is conducted periodically on different sectors of the market via web surveys, and the respondents are asked to identify the product or service that, in their personal experience and opinion, offers the best value for money on the market. Best Buy Award market surveys are conducted on predefined market categories: e.g. cars, milk, insurance, or TV sets, and respondents are asked predefined open-ended questions. The brand that receives the highest number of votes secures first place in that particular category and is awarded the accolade of “Best Buy Award - No. 1 Best Value for Money”.


Companies cannot nominate themselves or directly apply for the Best Buy Award accolade. ICERTIAS Best Buy Award research is conducted in the form of web surveys. Respondents are invited to participate in Best Buy Award surveys through contextual ads, such as through Google AdWords. Our organisation conducts independent cluster surveys in different world markets. Every research effort includes several categories from different sectors of the economy.

The Medal

The Best Buy Award medal itself is organised around a blue diamond-shaped square. Displayed on winning products and services, it features a circular arrangement of text known as the textual Best Buy Award aureola. This element includes the year the Best Buy Award is issued along with the name of the winning brand and the territory. A digital certification code in URL form is also displayed, leading to the Best Buy Award Digital Certificate web site which includes information about the medal; the category it was awarded for; and criteria it was issued under.