Our History

The realisation of the lack of quality independent consumer test and evaluation programmes available to facilitate consumers in search of high-quality products and services on the market marks the beginnings of ICERTIAS in early 2008.


In collaboration with the renowned international research house GfK and with partner support from the leading international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), after two years of intensive work and development, 2010 marks the launch of the pioneering research and certification project Best Buy Award.


With the increase in demand and the subsequent need to expand the international Best Buy Award certification project, in 2011 in Switzerland, an independent company is established and quickly blossoms into “ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GmbH”, how ICERTIAS today is officially registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich.


Because of the overwhelming success from the onset, we soon launch additional research and certification projects QUDAL – QUality meDAL and ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend. Thanks to innovative research methodologies, reliability, uncompromising principles in certification and a focus on precision and highly transparent operations, our organisation and certificates rapidly expand internationally.

Our legacy

Building Trust Year After Year

In just a few years, ICERTIAS certificates have become readily accepted by consumers and the business community in markets worldwide, and today, we are present on five continents in over 40 countries.

ICERTIAS is now globally accepted as a representative voice of the consumer.

During the certification process ICERTIAS intensively “listens” to the experience and opinion of consumers, but also consults with other respectable governmental and non-governmental organisations, especially consumer associations — all with the goal of illuminating those companies, products and services on the market offering consumers the most for their money.


First ideas, research and early development

2008 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN begins proton beam tests

Falcon 1 Flight 4 was the first successful orbital launch of any privately funded and developed, liquid-propelled carrier rocket, the SpaceX Falcon 1

The Bitcoin is first proposed in a mailing posted to The Cryptography Mailing by a developer under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto


Best Buy Award certification project introduction

2010 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

American researchers led by Craig Venter announce the creation of a synthetic living cell, with an entirely artificial genome

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveals potential sites for the search for fossilised remains on the surface of Mars

The Swiss Solar Impulse aircraft performs the first ever 24-hour non-stop flight powered purely by solar energy


ICERTIAS organisation is founded in Zurich, Switzerland

2011 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

Quantum computer on a single CPU

Particles faster than light measured

World’s first Malaria vaccine developed


ICERTIAS is present with its market research in 10 European countries

2013 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

CERN: discovery of the Higgs boson

NASA: humankind goes interstellar

Making organs from STEM cells


First ICERTIAS market research in Africa and New Zealand

2014 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

The Rosetta mission lands on a comet

Solar panels approach 40% efficiency

Harvard: first ever direct evidence of the Big Bang


First ICERTIAS market research in Asia and America

2015 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

Dr. Garth Webb: bionic lens development

First man-made leaf

Duke University: first laboratory grown human muscle


ICERTIAS is present with its market research in more than 40 countries worldwide

2017 – Year in Science – Worldwide Events

MIT: pulling water out of thin air

Harvard University: turning hydrogen into metal

First practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer