Our values are part of our corporate DNA. This is the way we think in ICERTIAS, how we conduct our daily tasks, the way in which we relate to our colleagues, associates, business partners and the general public.

Our vision and mission as well as our organisational goals are achieved by approaching everything we are surrounded by in our work with respect for diversity, orientation towards consumers, responsibility towards the public and the business community, with passion, integrity, transparency, humility and modesty, innovation, focusing on the result, and respecting the international and national legal frameworks and the long-term orientation of our business.


Although ICERTIAS’ headquarters are in Europe, as an international organisation we not only respect different nations and hold them in high esteem, but also appreciate the different cultures and religions on all the continents of our planet. In today’s globalised and all the more connected world, we believe that all of us as consumers and product and service providers on the market can best prosper and have the greatest quality of life if we respect, accept and complement each other. For this reason, ICERTIAS, wherever possible, strives to cooperate with and engage experts and associates from different countries and continents in the implementation of its services and products.


We at ICERTIAS are aware that consumers believe in our medals and certificates and that we therefore have a great influence on consumer decisions as well as overall market events. For this reason we take great care in approaching our business with the utmost responsibility and professionalism - carefully exploring and analysing the markets and communicating the results of our findings to the public with transparency and clarity. We ask of our employees, associates and partners to have personal responsibility for their actions and results - and to stand behind their decisions and actions.


We work with integrity and show respect. At every opportunity we try to show our commitment to integrity and ethics. We show respect to and value every individual regardless of their background, experience, lifestyle, approach and ideas. We are accustomed and want to listen carefully to others to better understand the world, and especially the new developments in the world, around us. In all cases, we primarily assume positive intentions.


We are humble and extremely “hungry” when it comes to the desire to learn. We appreciate openness and curiosity and wish to learn from everyone, everywhere, every moment. We seek, value and give honest “feedback". We are open to continuous personal improvement and personal change. We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. We never underestimate - anyone.


We are dedicated to promoting the culture of humanity and mutual respect. We reject all kinds of discrimination and show understanding and respect in mutual communication- whether it is with our employees, associates, business partners or the entire community. We believe in a long-term relationship with our clients, suppliers, partners and the public.


We at ICERTIAS love success. We love to achieve our set goals and we love to celebrate our success. For us, success is when we reward those who strive harder than others to provide consumers with better services and products at the most competitive prices. For us, success is when, through our public appearances and our awards and certifications, we encourage competition among rival companies and a better quality approach to the market by companies, thus providing consumers with better and greater choice.


We are in it for the long haul. For that reason, we will always make decisions that benefit long-term success, not short-term victory in “everyday battles”. We believe that only with focus on the long-term, can our business activities gain the full confidence and credibility from consumers, the business community and all other public bodies. We will always rather give up today's victory if it is the ethical and professionally grounded decision to make, and it assures us security and trust tomorrow.


In ICERTIAS’ business and operations, the consumer is the focus. ICERTIAS sees itself as a valuable bridge of trust between consumers and suppliers of goods and services on the market. Our goal is to help consumers by making it easier for them to locate suppliers that offer the highest level of professionalism on the market.


We are passionate about consumer protection, consumer information, precision in the research and analysis we conduct, and about our business in general. We are proud of our brands, our research as well as our certifications and medals. With our work, our intention is to genuinely help consumers find quality suppliers on the market easier, faster and with less stress. Because of this, we passionately value, promote and protect our reputation.


The core business of the ICERTIAS organisation is to inform the public on our research, analysis, awards, certifications and other business activities we conduct. In order for our findings to be interpreted in the correct way by consumers and other public bodies, we believe it is essential that we are as open and direct as possible in our communications - clearly and unambiguously providing complete information - not to mention the broader context.


The world is changing today more rapidly than ever. Markets are now more open and globalised than ever in history. Thanks to modern technologies, what's new today is already history tomorrow. It is because of this we strive constantly to refine and perfect our business processes, our research methodology, certification and rewards, and our entire business and organisational scheme. We persistently strive to uses the most modern but proven quality technology and innovate our services in accordance with the most up-to-date market trends. Out organisational culture with our employees, associates and partners values and encourages creativity, innovation and initiative.


We strive for simplicity. We strive to simplify our work methodologies and business processes as much as possible. We believe that through simplicity the occurrence of errors is reduced. Because of this we are constantly simplifying and improving our processes, procedures and activities. We handle communication with people directly and openly. We value the result before the form.


In whichever country it operates - ICERTIAS promotes its organisational values but likewise, above all, respects international acts, regulations, as well as laws and customs, of the countries in which it operates. ICERTIAS is a Swiss legal entity which in the territory of Switzerland, is in full compliance with the Swiss Confederation laws. When we in ICERTIAS perform in other markets around the globe, we take great care to fully respect local legislation - working as closely as possible with local government bodies, local legal professionals, competent agencies, and associations whenever possible. In its work, ICERTIAS deeply appreciates the opinions and attitudes of local authorities - state regulatory agencies, local legal experts, competent local authorities, consumer associations, journalists and the local community as a whole.